LoadRunner and its Architecture

LoadRunner and its Architecture

There are several types of tests that are there to check the various variables including endurance test, stress test, and load analysis. Join the LoadRunner Course in Chennai to learn and gain advanced knowledge in the Loadrunner and its architecture. In this article, we discuss the Loadrunner and its Architecture.

The tool is so easy that it maintains 85 percent of the production measuring business division. It holds MS SQLServer, Web 2.0, Mobile RTE, RIA, and other technologies, at the top of the position above all opponents. Nowadays clients are recognized, LoadRunner as a benchmark for measuring their product’s features.

Unified Functional Test and Lifecycle Management act as an end-to-end solution for the product testing stage. The device can affect the virtual users on the websites, and it can replicate the user applications responses to provide. Are you looking for a LoadRunner Training Online? Learn from your home itself.

LoadRunner and its Architecture

The LoadRunner architecture can become a little system, so let’s take an individual level at a time:

The five key components are:

  • Controller
  • VuGen
  • Load Generator
  • Agent Process
  • Analysis

Load Generator

It can change the Vusers, it holds up the hardware devices including memory and processor. Use different load generators, so the results are perfect, it will depend on the amount of VUsers. The machines can use 2 to 4MB of data to develop one simulated VUser, you should need various devices that have 1.25GB of space of RAM.


The controller is the various essential elements of the architecture, it can manage the simulation of load. The other functions are:

  • Error describing
  • IP Spoofing
  • Nature of Load Situation
  • Handling VUser function


Virtual User Generator can able to replicates System under Load records information of the VUser to and fro with the scripted composition. The examples of business communication are:

  • Product Processing
  • Checkout
  • Checking User Profile
  • Payment Processing

Agent process

Agent Process can control the way the Load Generator, Controller and can communicate with each Other.


It can record the user log and various load generators in the expected formats. It also controls the data and supports you to run the sequence of data.

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