Difference Between MAC Address and IP Address

Difference between MAC address and IP address

Mac address

A MAC address is a one-of-a-kind identification for a NIC. It’s made up of a 48-bit or 64-bit address that’s linked to the network device. Hexadecimal MAC addresses are possible. A MAC address is usually composed of six sets of two digits or letters split up by colons.

IP address

An IP address can be used to identify an internet connectivity. It is the ‘logical identity’ assigned to a network link. An IP address is used to determine the behaviour of network routers and to govern how equipment on the Internet connect. 

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Why require Mac address?

Below are the advantages of utilizing MAC address:

  • This allows transmitters and receivers to be located on the network in a safe manner.
  • The MAC address aids in the prevention of un authorised internet connectivity.
  • Because the MAC address is a specific reference id, it could be utilized to keep track of the instrument.
  • The MAC address is used by airline Wi-Fi connections to define a particular item.

why we need Ip address?

Below are the advantages of utilizing IP address:

  • Every device on the system will be given an particular IP address so that it may communicate with other network devices.
  • It permits you to establish a digital link between the origin and the destination.
  • An IP address is a form of numerical tag that is given to every equipment linked to a system network that communicates using the IP protocol.
  • It serves as a unique identifier for a certain computer on a specific network.
  • It enables you to select the location and packages policy’s technical design.

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The following are important characteristics of the Mac address:

  • In TCP/IP systems, MAC Port numbers may be used in communications.
  • It aids in the identification of a specific NIC on a network machine.
  • Access points cannot efficiently manage traffic in connected devices.
  • There is no data provide regarding logical internet configuration.

The following are important characteristics of the IP address:

  • Each device is given an IP address, which is a number label.
  • IP addresses can be used to determine how Internet devices connect and how Internet routers behave.
  • The Network Administrator is in charge of this (ISP).
  • It could be 32 bits or 128 bits long.


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