Top 08 Advantages of Android Operating System

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The Android operating system leads the flourishing mobile platform with over 85 percent market share worldwide. Entrepreneurs appear eager to grab a piece of the pie with the help of customized Android app development as Google releases newer versions with enterprise-friendly features and increased security. Google Play currently contains over 3.3 million apps and is continually growing. Join Android Training in Chennai to learn more about Android OS.

To put it another way, Android app development services are growing at a breakneck speed. Here are the “Top 08 Advantages of Android Operating System” to opt for future-ready Android app development.

Open Ecosystem:

Android features many app shops, one of which being Google Play (Google’s official app store), which comes pre-installed on practically every smartphone and tablet to allow users to find and download new software. So join Android Online Course to learn android advantages and to enhance your technical skills in Android OS.

However, unlike other companies, Android gives consumers the option of installing apps from a third-party app store. Apps can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website, installed from a flash memory card, or downloaded through a third-party app store.

Customizable UI:

Google has spent a lot of time and effort making Android’s user interface (UI) as versatile and configurable as possible. As a result, Google has crammed Android with a slew of customizable widgets. These can be placed anywhere in the user interface and provide updates or shortcuts to a number of services such as email, calendar, and massages, among others.

Open Source:

The Android operating system is open source, which means that developers and device manufacturers can make changes to the core software. This enables businesses to modify the operating system to function in highly specialized industries. Android Training in Coimbatore will help you to grow as a successful Android developer.

Innovations Get to Market Faster: 

The Android platform has a track record of enabling cutting-edge concepts. While casual apps continue to arrive on practically every operating system at the same time, larger hardware advances almost always begin with Google.

Customized Roms:

There are many third-party apps that provide sophisticated capabilities on Android, and one of the best things about them is that anyone can use them, edit them, and install custom versions instead of the ones that came with your phone. It will provide you a lot of system-level tweaks that you won’t be able to acquire on any other operating system, such as Windows or iOS.

Affordable Development:

You may quickly obtain your own app on the Android market and you won’t have to pay a lot of money for development. The application environments are free of charge, which means you may save a lot of money, and there is no restriction, which means you can develop multiple apps without any issues.

App Distribution:

You must use the Apple App Store to distribute iOS apps. You don’t need any of that with Android apps. Simply publish the app wherever you’d like. There’s no “empire” watching you from the sidelines. There are numerous third-party shops where you can effortlessly publish your app.

Affordable :

Due Android OS is inexpensive to purchase, most people prefer to purchase Android phones because of their low pricing. When compared to Android phones, iOS and Windows phones are more expensive.


Android features are the ones that make Android OS a productive and constructive Operating System. These benefits of android serve as the biggest benefits for Android developers to effortlessly build Android Applications that are dynamic and progressive. Therefore enrolling in Android Training will be a major step in providing yourself with an established career.


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